Masters in Public Health (MPH) course in India and why ECIPH must be your choice

Masters in Public Health (MPH) course in India and why ECIPH must be your choice

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Public Health workers today need to lead from the front and have faith in their own inner voice and be the source of strength which the world so desperately falls short of. Let this mark the renewal of a new project in world history. Public health can only be a calling for those who seek to listen. The world is waiting.
Dr. Edmond Fernandes. MBBS, MD, PGD-PHSM

A Masters in Public Health (MPH ) degree is a call for the brave. It is a career not easily matched, but among the most satisfying. Interestingly not many students in India or across the region know about what is an MPH Degree, how to get a MPH Degree and what can be after an MPH degree.

Yet public health is the sexiest career option in a post COVID-19 world. What binds us together is stronger than what drives us apart and public health is the umbrella of health systems which connects the dots together. It is an enterprise of responsibility, a living embodiment of what it means to be human and watch the true face of human suffering in all its fullness.

Public Health is not about the textbook of Park which students read, it is even less about anything to do with Park at all. But opinions and conclusions are drawn because Park is what students end up reading, they do not go 50 kms from the area of the college to understand the human face behind disease and death, poverty and pathogens, have not visited institutes of national importance, do not engage with UN agencies and civil society organisations and lack the will to volunteer.

But I firmly believe that public health is the single most authoritative branch of the social sector the world has ever witnessed, if not understood.

It is a public health problem when children die in their infancy, it is a problem of public health when motherhood is politicized and when we see human face as a statistical number while interpreting maternal mortality. It is a public health problem when people die in South Sudan or Afghanistan from a civil war and when the Geneva Convention fails. It is a public health problem when the Sendai Framework for Action is not implemented to strengthen disaster resilience around the world. It is a public health problem when it becomes difficult to create a green corridor for organ and cadaveric transplant and when we do not have accurate statistics for most of the problems. It is a public health problem when sometimes our numbers are nothing but fiction as evident around the world due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Great responsibility lies in the hands of public health specialists not only in India, but also around the world. Public health workers and the world at large must understand that the future of human kind that would come after; lies in their hands. The focus cannot remain merely to target certain diseases which are sizeably high, but concerted effort needs to be made for all diseases whether it is chronic kidney diseases, whether it is road traffic injuries, whether it is neglected tropical diseases, whether it is even preventable blindness.

What public health workers do in the field and amidst communities will be the brand incarnate for all times to come. Society will judge us not by what we speak, but by what we have achieved. Yes, history is evidence that public health victories like eradication of Small Pox, and then Polio changed human destinies forever. It was a hard-fought battle involving government departments, civil society organisations and well-meaning volunteers who gave their time, sweat and every bit to make the world a better place.

A public health worker touches thousand souls at a time. For some public health professionals, it happens through their community centric clinics, for others it’s through policy reforms, for others it’s through research, for some others it’s through training and for many others it’s through academia and body corporate.

I believe, that more people die with diabetes and hypertension and malaria and diarrhoeal diseases than people who die from rare diseases. That’s why public health matters. That’s why governments need to co-operate and relate. That’s why corporate companies need to foster hands of friendship. Public Health is at the very heart of the health system and much depends on how this rank and file performs in society, for society.

The time has come when public health professionals must rise up and redeem that promise which sustained hope for centuries. It is time to give voice to those millions who thirst for a healthy life and you can do this by joining us for a Masters in Public Health ( MPH) degree at the Edward & Cynthia Institute of Public Health in Mangalore.

The day every Indian and every global citizen of the world will have access to affordable and quality healthcare at their door-step is the day when public health workers can afford to claim their victory. That is our challenge, this is our moment. Can we rise together to ensure this happens in our lifetime and leave the world more beautiful than what we inherited?

Lastly for the benefit of many professionals who wonder what are the options as a Public Health Specialist from a job perspective, these are a few that come to my mind.

1. Join Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and work as consultants in the field or as research officer, training officer and many more.
2. Join United Nation agencies like WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR and likes in different capacities.
3. Join as Epidemiologist in health systems institutions.
4. Join Government departments, ministries at central and state government levels.
5. Join as a faculty in healthcare universities.
6. Join public and corporate sector industries as technical experts.

Wish to join us for an MPH Degree today? Call us on +91-8244116824 or send an email on

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